What Is M-RAM?

Flaherty Sensabaugh Bonasso PLLC has developed an innovative program designed to assist operators and contractors in the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Mine Regulatory Analysis and Management (“M-RAM”) is designed to provide the mine industry with consistent and cost-effective methods to handle regulatory issues. M-RAM utilizes former MSHA executives on the front lines to allow for an experienced level of review and guidance but at a cost less than hiring a lawyer.

M-RAM’s mining consultants will review and investigate all state and federal regulatory citations and orders in a systematic manner. This process involves:

  • Thorough evaluation of all the pertinent elements of your citations and orders
  • Analysis of how violations affect your repetitive history
  • Utilizing computer software to help identify potential safety problem areas in your operation, and develop safety planning and training to correct these areas
  • Management of your S&S history to protect against a pattern of violation notice
  • Reducing the increasing cost of assessments
  • Taking a principled stand on incorrect citations
  • Consultation in emergency situations

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